Georges Sokol (Maverick)

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Rank: 2   Rating: 1578  

Match Date Opponent Result Score Rating Pts New Rating
30 Jul 2017Noel Sequeira  1400Win3-0161416  
30 Jul 2017Kris Stefanov  1416Win3-0161432  
13 Aug 2017Vinayak Sood  1431Lose3-1-161416  
13 Aug 2017Ramin Arabbagheri  1400Win3-0151431  
13 Aug 2017Issey Park  1416Win3-1151446  
13 Aug 2017Andre Dieling  1330Win3-1111457  
14 Aug 2017Marco Vacca  1445Win2-0151472  
14 Aug 2017Rob Storey  1400Win2-0131485  
20 Aug 2017Danylo Boni  1484Lose2-3 -161469  
20 Aug 2017Jonathan Lancry  1582Lose1-3 -111458  
20 Aug 2017Issey Park  1365Win3-1121470  
22 Aug 2017Olav Stahl  1454Win3-2151485  
26 Aug 2017Miguel Perez  1400Win3-2121497  
31 Aug 2017Oliver Needs  1414Win2-0121509  
03 Sep 2017Olav Stahl  1454Win3-1131522  
03 Sep 2017Chris Maillard  1390Win3-0101532  
04 Sep 2017Michael ΤΣΑΚΩΝΑΣ  1428Win2-0111543  
10 Sep 2017Hugo Gervais  1400Win3-0101553  
10 Sep 2017Ceejay Gangolli  1378Win2-091562  
10 Sep 2017Agnes Zhao  1422Lose1-3 -221540  
17 Sep 2017Kris Stefanov  1443Lose3-0-201520  
17 Sep 2017Andre Dieling  1289Win3-271527  
17 Sep 2017Olav Stahl  1433Win3-2121539  
18 Sep 2017Andre Dieling  1316Win2-171546  
12 Oct 2017Phi La  1431Win3-2111557  
29 Oct 2017Kris Stefanov  1422Win3-0101567  
10 Dec 2017Olav Stahl  1445Win3-2111578  

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