For small numbers of players, use Kudos Rating as the primary place to manage match results. Let Kudos Rating store all your results, and calculate ratings and display the leaderboard.

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Large Leagues

For more serious competition, at regional or even national level, Kudos Ratings can be calculated by importing existing match data, and letting us rate players from different divisions or leagues on a consistent basis.

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The Maths

Your Kudos Rating increases by more points if you beat strong opponents, but lose to a weaker player and you will be penalised heavily. Your rating is never reset and will give a true measure of your skill level over time.

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Sports / Games

Kudos Rating is ideal for rating players of... tennis, table-tennis, badminton, squash, pool, darts, snooker etc. You can rate teams too. And it's not just for sports - it's perfect for lots of board games too. Get creative and start rating!

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Key Benefits

If you are running a league, perhaps with many divisions:

  • Kudos Ratings take into account the strength of opposition a player has faced
  • Players can track their progress over time, seeing improvements both within a season, and over the years
  • Kudos Ratings don't get reset at the start of each new season
  • Kudos Ratings come with a confidence indicator to show which ones are provisional
  • All matches between registered players can be considered, whether league, cup or friendly
  • A single rating list is produced even if players are spread across multiple divisions
  • Kudos Ratings are based on the Elo rating system, so your players can have confidence in a transparent and well-established process

If you are running a ladder:

  • Kudos Rating is the only tool you need to manage the ladder!
  • There is no need to constrain matches between nearby players on the ladder, matches can be between anyone and Kudos Rating will sort out the ordering

Case Study

The easiest way to undertsand how Kudos Rating works is with a small example. Take 4 players with initial ratings shown in the adjacent table.

Now they play in the following matches

  1. Bob beats Alice
  2. Chris beats David
  3. Chris beats Bob
  4. Alice beats David
Table before matches:
Rank Name Rating

Kudos Rating points are awarded for these matches as follows.

  1. Bob +28, Alice -28
  2. Chris +15, David -15
  3. Chris +16, Bob -16
  4. Alice +3, David -3

Note that Bob got a lot of points for beating Alice who was much more highly rated. Compare that to Alice when she beat David and only got a few points.

Table after matches:
Rank Name Rating

After these matches Alice remains top of the table despite losing to a lower rated player because her lead beforehand was big enough. If Chris keeps winning and Alice keeps occasionally losing, he will overtake her at the top.

See how this works out for a real league with over 350 players, playing over 5000 matches with an example Live League.